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The Angry Heart
It is hard to find an African-American whose life has not been touched by heart disease. Disproportionately more African-American men and women die from cardiovascular disease than do white Americans. Yet most African-Americans are painfully unaware of the far-reaching scope of the problem.
Is racism at the root of this American health crisis? The Angry Heart meets this provocative question head on. Told through the personal story of Keith Hartgrove, a 45-year-old resident of Roxbury, Massachusetts, the documentary chronicles one man's dramatic recovery from quadruple by-pass surgery. Navigating a sometimes indifferent, often overwhelming, health-care system, Keith manages to rebuild his life with the help and support of family, community, and church. His daily struggle against enormous odds is interwoven with compelling commentary by physicians, researchers and public health experts.
The Angry Heart is a groundbreaking video documentary on the devastating ongoing impact of heart disease and racism on African-Americans in this country. Its creators hope that a grassroots effort, including screenings to African-American groups and medical professionals, will promote meaningful dialogue that examines the causes of this racial disparity and identifies ways to change it.

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